Specialist Consultants to the Mining Industry



The MSA Group has a demonstrated track record of executing gold projects:


2011: Compilation of NI 43-101 report on an operating gold mine.


2012: CP supervision of an advanced gold project and preparation of a Mineral Resource estimate and NI 43-101 Technical Report.


2015: Site inspection, Mineral Resource estimate and Preliminary Economic Assessment of a gold project in southwestern Cote D’Ivoire.

2012 – 2013: NI 43-101 compliant Mineral Resource estimate and QP oversight of a gold project in south-eastern Cote D’Ivoire.

2009 / 2010: Execution of magnetometer and soil geochemical surveys and diamond core drilling programme.


2015: Desktop study and GIS based landscape analysis of two licence areas.

2012: Property assessment and design of exploration work programme in Eastern DRC.


2008 / 2009: Project management and execution of gold exploration programmes for two concessions in the Eastern Desert.


2014 – current: Structural geology consulting on two gold projects in western Ethiopia.

2014: Provision of fi eld geological services on two gold projects in western and southern Ethiopia.

2014: High level mineralization model for a gold project in western Ethiopia.

2011: Provision of exploration services to an advanced gold project in western Ethiopia.


2012: Target generation, geological interpretation and execution of a RAB drilling programme in central Ghana.

2012: Data review and technical opinion on two gold exploration projects.

2012: Geological expertise and assistance with near-mine resource and exploration drilling, identification of resource expansion opportunities and

generation of exploration targets at the Iduapriem mine.

2010 – 2013: CP oversight, target generation, exploration programme design and techno-economic evaluation of a gold exploration project in southern Ghana.


2013 – 2014: Desktop review, site investigation and prospectivity assessment of a Au-Cu project in north eastern Guinea.


2012: Review and assessment of a gold exploration project.


2015 – current: Exploration and mining project scoping assessment in southwestern and southern Mali.

Bulk sampling set-up and supervision. Ongoing technical advisory role.


2013: Due Diligence on an operating gold mine.

2010: Desktop review, data compilation, field review and target generation in NW Namibia.


2009 / 2010: NI 43-101 technical report on exploration stage gold projects in northern and western Nigeria.


2015: Re-logging and resampling programme, with analysis and interpretation of a gold-capped VMS deposit.

2014 – 2015: Technical review and valuation of an extensive gold exploration portfolio in the Arabian Shield.

2013 – current: Provision of comprehensive geological services to several projects across the Arabian Shield.

2011 – 2012: Desk top review and assessment of three gold projects in the Arabian Shield. Field mapping and sampling programme.


2012 – current: Exploration management and Pre-feasibility Study on an advanced gold project. Data integration and target development on less advanced prospects. Mineral resource estimation and qualified person reporting.


2014: Updated valuation of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves pertaining to tailings retreatment and underground mining.

2010 / 2011: Development and implementation of global ounce-reporting database.

2010: Prospectivity and tenure assessment of gold dumps and tailings dams in the Witswatersrand basin using remote sensing technology to rapidly delineate and rank the dumps.


2014 – 2015: Technical review and valuation of an early stage gold project.


2010 – 2012: QP oversight and compilation of NI 43-101 reports for a gold project in the Handeni region.

2011: Desktop review and evaluation of early-stage exploration projects.


2010, 2014: High-level prospectivity assessment of several exploration licences.


2015: Structural mapping, core drilling programme and soil geochemical and tailings sampling on a small operating gold mine.

2012: Data integration and gold potential study. Exploration programme design, management and execution. Preparation of CPR for AIM admission document.


2008 – 2010: Project Management, QP oversight and N1 43-101 Technical Report of an advanced gold project in Southern Yemen.

2008 – 2010: QP oversight and N1 43-101 Technical Report on a gold exploration project in Northern Yemen.


2013: Management of a RAB and diamond drilling programme on a gold project in central Zambia.

2006 – current: Multiphase exploration drilling programme in an iron oxide-copper-gold district near Mumbwa.


2012: Technical opinion and target generation on a gold property in eastern Zimbabwe.

2011: NI 43-101 Technical Report on an operating gold mine.

Gold Capability

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The MSA Group’s recent gold clients include Akoma Minerals Limited, Anglogold Ashanti Ltd, Aurigin Resources Inc., Benzu Gold Ltd, Blackthorn Resources Ltd, Burey Gold Ltd, Caledonia Mining, Calosia Limited, Centric Minerals Management, East African Gold Limited, Eastern Goldfi elds Ltd, Erin Resources Ltd, Equeco Resources Ltd, First African Gold Limited, Goldfields Ltd, Handeni Gold Limited, Kisita Mining Company Limited, Lawson Gold Limited, Lemur Resources Ltd, Glencar Mining PLC, GP Minerals Ltd, Great Basin Gold Ltd, Ma’aden Gold and Base Metals Co., Mawarid Energy and Mining Company, Mawarid Holding Co., MinEx Projects (Pty) Ltd, Mining Mineral Resources sprl, Mintails SA (Pty) Ltd, Mota-Engil Mining Management, Nemaro Gold sarl, Nevsun Resources Ltd, New Dawn Mining Corp, Nimini Holdings Limited, Nyota Minerals Ltd, Omnium Invest SA, Resource Venture Capital Partners Pty Ltd, Rift Valley Resources, Savannah Gold Ltd, Shanta Gold Limited, Somika sprl, Sunridge Gold Corp, Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation, Taurus Gold Limited, Tawsho Mining Inc, Thani Emirates Resources Holdings Ltd, West Wits Mining Ltd and Wits Gold Ltd.