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The MSA Group is South Africa's leading mineral exploration and evaluation consultants and has been a trusted provider to the Mining Industry for over 40 years. Our track record is synonymous with quality, technical integrity, and the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental compliance. The MSA Group provides specialist services on numerous international and national projects across numerous commodities and reports on all major mining stock exchanges. The MSA Group's services encompass Exploration and Geology, Mineral Resource Estimation, Mining Studies, and Environmental Consulting.

Job Title: Manager- Exploration Services Department: Management
Job Location: Johannesburg, South Africa Reports to: Geology Head of Department
Employment Type: Full-time Date Posted: 2 April 2024
Entity The MSA Group Expected Start Date 1 June 2024

Job Introduction:

The role is responsible not only for direct oversight of exploration services but for assisting in the overall management of the geology department as well as representing MSA to industry in order to promote the company and generate new business. This includes overseeing and managing exploration projects, including a component of field work and reporting (act as CP on selected commodities).

The incumbent will also be responsible for liaising with clients, preparing proposals, designing and implementing work programmes, managing geology operation managers, overseeing budgets and ensuring that correct code compliancy and HSEC are adhered to.

Job Responsibilities:

Technical tasks:

  • Professional Leadership at all levels.
  • Ensure that all geological staff are achieving their utilization and multiplier targets.
  • Ensure that going forward the resource plans are accurate, and a balance is achieved between work coming in and available resources.
  • Ensuring that MSA delivers value to its clients by executing to the scope on time and on budget.
  • Client liaison and maintaining the overall client relationship.
  • Meeting with project team on a regular basis.
  • Ensures technical excellence of all work done.
  • Project programme planning and design, management, scheduling and costing in line with the MSA Way.
  • Compilation and review of technical reports; stand-alone and progress.
  • Compilation and interpretation of results and planning of further work.
  • Reading and research to ensure keeping totally up to date with all technical aspects of job.
  • Ensure HSEC compliance on all projects.
  • Implementation and maintenance of SAMREC compliant procedures, quality control systems and checks to ensure total compliance of all MSA Work.
  • Project management in line with company procedures.
  • Implementation of the MSA Agenda.
  • Performance Management where appropriate.
  • Member of the geological Committee and represents Geological Services at a MANCO level.

Financial and Administrator tasks:

  • Complete timesheets.
  • Conduct presentation of Project budgets and input into Departmental budgets.
  • Ensure that all proposed for work is cost appropriate.
  • Provide input into MSA rates.
  • Follow up on invoices as required within the specific timeframes.
  • Attend internal meetings as required.
  • Utilizing HR, financial and project management systems.
  • Adherence to MSA company policy and procedure.

Marketing tasks:

  • Ongoing Communication with Existing Clients – By phone, email and fax to ensure that they are fully informed and that they are satisfied with the services they are receiving.
  • Networking – Attending functions, business gatherings and colloquiums to meet and establish relationships with other decision-making businessmen.
  • By projecting a professional image of high integrity
  • By quietly displaying an excellent and up to date knowledge of all technical aspects of your job
  • By being enthusiastic and positive at all times.
  • Source Clients – Establishing contacts in industry, by networking, previous contact and word of mouth. Visits to key industry people to raise profile.
  • Presentations – Presentations at conferences and to possible clients about our services and topics of interest. Compiling several presentations of different lengths to suit any situation. Also preparing presentations about the status of a client’s current project.
  • Client Profiles and Database –Research regarding all aspects of a client or potential client prior to meetings or Build up a database of current and possible clients with information on what they are doing, what commodities they are involved in, and how they should be approached.  This would include records of previous meetings, contact people, projects or services offered.  Almost any occasion in or outside work can be used as a opportunity to promote the company.  Subtle word of mouth promotion, business cards and general conversation can increase awareness in our achievements and abilities.
  • Encourage the provision of technical services; analytical, environmental, data processing, etc where appropriate.
  • Business Awareness – Being aware of all developments in the industry and adjusting geology specific advertising to tie in with current developments. This also applies to sourcing clients.

Training tasks:

  • Ensure all geological staff are appropriately trained – formally and through other methods
  • Coach and Mentor- other Geology employees
  • Motivation – By enthusiastic, positive and informed leadership.
  • Peer Review – Other consultant reports
  • On the job training of self – ongoing
  • Formal training self – identify own needs and motivate for formal training attendance. Also, when possible use this opportunity to identify worthwhile courses for others to attend.  Constantly be aware of new management and technical trends through research and current media and encourage staff to do the same.

Other tasks:

  • Ensure a healthy and safe work environment for all concerned- in the field or in the office
  • Support CSI initiatives where possible
  • Participate in the MSA Performance Management System.
  • The employee is to be aware of their responsibility in the implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001 and OSHAS 18001.


  • Relevant Post-Graduate Qualification in Geology (4 years or equivalent qualification).
  • 10+ years, plus experience in the mining industry including at least 5 years consulting experience in a mining/exploration consultancy.
  • Excellent management knowledge and skills and up to date familiarity with technical and other trends within the industry.
  • Professional registration e,g. SACNASP etc.
  • Must be an SA resident- candidates without SA residency will not be considered

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Very strong communication and delegation skills.
  • A desire to build and lead a team of professionals and to lead the business to achieve maximum efficiencies and profitability.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to establish strong relationships with staff, clients, and other industry players.
  • Strong existing industry networks in the local and international market would be beneficial.
  • Excellent report and proposal writing skills.
  • Strong speaking, presentation and negotiating skills.
  • Good organisational and time management skills.
  • A working knowledge of pertinent legislation and practice.
  • Strong business development and marketing skills.
  • A working understanding of finance; accounting, cash flow, interest rates, economic cycles, costing, etc.
  • Previous project management experience.
  • A desire and ability to mentor staff.
  • Working experience with relevant software

Application Process:

If you are interested in the role, please send your CV to our Recruitment Specialist Dineo Bopape at

At the MSA Group, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of their background, experience, identity, ability or thinking style.

The preferred candidate will be subject to background screening. Applicants who did not receive a response within 4 weeks should deem their application to have been unsuccessful.

To apply for this job please visit